Thursday, December 13, 2012

Diamonds In The Rough

"Here’s my one big tip. Writing is like prospecting for diamonds. A lot of people see gems in a jewelry store (metaphorically speaking) and when they go prospecting they toss aside every diamond they find because in nature it’s a rough, crusty thing. And then there are the folks who grab every one of those black, misshapen little lumps, glue them to rings, and demand six grand for each one. Neither of these approaches work. A diamond inherently needs work before it’s ready to sell. You never find the end product. It’s going to need a practiced eye to tell which ones are worth the time and effort, and then they need lots of cutting and polishing."
 ~ Peter Clines, author, Ex-Heroes, Ex-Patriots

Read the full interview here.

This is some damn good advice. These words are ones to remember, print out, tape above your desk, and write by.