Monday, January 13, 2014

~ Happy New Year ~

Resolution is a pretty harsh word, especially when you look at all the baggage it brings along with it, in our culture. It sounds hard: "Resolve". Stern, unyielding, and probably not fun. The word practically has "FAIL" built into it. I prefer to call my list of goals for the year "Goals" (duh) or "Intentions". Intention is a word that is full of possibility, focus, awareness, and concentration, but with a softer, more open connotation. Never mind that phrase my mother is so fond of, "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions." That is a different definition of the word. 

I have yet to sit down and plan out my intentions for 2014, but I have been considering it for weeks. I looked over the list for 2013, and honestly, I did pretty well. Firmly hit 6 out of 17 Goals, made at least a bit of headway on another 6, and will carry over the other 5 untouched. (Darn that pesky home organization!)

Here, I am mostly looking at my writing goals. Last year, I planned on making 12 short submissions (done), 3 contest entries (did one, only) finishing the third draft of HISMZA (done) and taking it to the PNWA Conference (done). I also planned on reading 30 books (done). 

This year, I'm planning on the following:
  1. Finish Fourth (and hopefully final?) Draft of HISMZA novel.
  2. Finish First Draft of "The Sound of Sorrow's Sleep" novel.
  3. Compete in NYCMidnight's Short Story Competition (already entered!).
  4. Compete in at least one other contest (probably Lorian Hemingway's, again. Also Seattle Crypticon, and PNWA contests).
  5. Read 30 books, at least six of which have come out in 2014 (I've realized that I am way behind on my reading list and rarely read anything current!).
Just for kicks, here are some of my non-writing goals for 2014:
  1. Organize cluttered home and Spare Room. (A carry-over for years, sadly...)
  2. Take at least two dance/exercise classes per week (Already signed up for Bar Method on Fridays and Punk Rock Aerobics on Tuesdays, and have been to each).
  3. Use my FitBit to track sleep and steps. Improve regular sleeping patterns... Sleep 1am/2am - 9am/10am! Hit 10K steps at least 3 times a week. Lose .5 - 2 lbs. per week/25 lbs. per year.
  4. Work on Alternative Business Women's Association idea.
  5. Help Veronica buy the property and increase profits for Standing Stone Healing & Arts. 
  6. Maintain friendships: Contact at least one friend per month that I haven't been in touch with regularly.
  7. Travel to Tampa, Florida, to visit Mom & Dad's new home.
  8. Travel to Tokyo, if possible. Or Paris, France. It's been way too long for each of them.
  9. Continue brushing up on language skills: Use apps for Japanese, Italian, and French. Find a class or group to join to increase skills.
  10. Get new laptop! Probably MS Surface.
  11. Continue my work on my financial life and plan.
  12. Increase my massage therapy work in PIP claims (car accident clients).
As usual, that's a long list, but I'm sure to continue tweaking it. Do any of you want to share your New Year Intentions?