Monday, November 5, 2012

National Novel Writing Month

I forgot to mention that I am participating in NaNoWriMo this month for the 6th year! With only one "win" under my belt, I am looking forward to finishing another yarn. This one involves an orphan, a mass murder, and an amateur ghost hunter. We'll see where it ends up! I'm never too sure until the characters tell me their tales.

If you want to know more, go to If you are a member already, look me up as a writing buddy - divinerebel - and let's go! It's not too late to start. 50,000 words in 30 days will give you a solid piece of clay to sculpt and refine as you wish. I've learned so much from doing this each year; the experience is invaluable. And yes, It's only the very wee hours of Day 5, but my word count is 2 days ahead. So far, so good! Although I'm sure much of the first two chapters will get cut later... that's for later. NaNoWriMo is the month when you kick your Internal Editor to the curb. Send your Inner Critic packing. Just write, write, write, and before you know it, a story starts to form and take shape. It's wonderful!

Hope to see you there! (~_^ )b


  1. We're nearing the end of Day 12. I was ahead of the game for the first four days, but then I had a friend in town, and a busy work schedule, and a sleep-deprived brain. I've written just about a thousand words each of the last two days, which puts me at 12,110 words at the moment. Not too bad - under 8,000 to catch up.

    Bigger problem? I kinda don't like it. My main character is wallowing in disengaged grief and awkwardness. I've just switched POV's to the "villain", let's hope that gives me something to work with? Sheesh.

  2. Okay, I wrote around 4200 words yesterday (Day 15). Today's goal count is 26,666, and I'm at 19,010. That's 7656 words. I plan on getting half that done later today, and being all caught up by Monday. Wish me luck!

  3. I'm at 21,476 words. 6,857 words behind today's par. Not too bad, still. Still working on finding the gem within the coal.

  4. Didn't write most of this week - worked a lot and just been feeling really tired. Wrote today, though, after Thanksgiving dinner at the in-laws's house. And a bit more at home. I'm at 25,007. Par for today is 38,333, but I have 23 hours to go. Plan on getting at least 5,000 words down today. Some now, before bed, and some after work, later. How are you doing?

  5. I had planned to write a lot today, a Saturday with no other work or plans. But... that didn't happen. I slept very late, and read for an hour or two, instead. So, I just wrote for a while, and managed to get 1,275 words done. Not the daily goal, not half of what I need to write each day to be caught up, but a good bit, nonetheless.

    As usual, the story is not quite following the loose plan I had for it. I think there's some interesting going on there, but the conflict I had planned hasn't taken hold. I expect there to be a lot of reworking post first draft. Who knows where it will end up?

    There are 6 days left in NaNo, and my word count par for today is 41,666. I am currently at 28,373, a difference of 13,293. Which means I need to write an ADDITIONAL 2216 words per day, on top of the 1667. That is 3883 words per day. DOABLE!

  6. Hm, I made it to just over 40k words by 11pm. After writing 8k in six hours, my hands were cramping and I decided to call it. I'll try again next time.

    Thing is, I wasn't as enthused about my story as I was last year. And, on top of that? COme Dec. 1st, I pretty much decided that I was sick of the laptop. I haven't even been facebooking every day. The thing sat, closed, in its case for like, 3 days last week. Crazy unlike me.