Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year's! 2013 Goals

I hope you are all feeling well, on this first day of 2013! I'm a little fuzzy in the head, myself, but this second cup of coffee should be helping soon.

Resolutions are a tradition, but I find the word sounds hard, to me. Resolve is something some dudley boring middle aged dour man-in-a-suit or woman-in-layers-of-foundation-garments-and-petticoats has. 

I like the word "intention", but New Years Intentions sounds too soft. Like they;re too easy to not get done.

So I settled on "goals" a few years ago. It fits, it's unpretentious, and goals are doable. Here are mine for 2013. (Some are not writing related, but I'm including them here anyway.)
  1. Finish Revisions (3rd/4th draft) on How I Spent My Zombie Apocalypse novel.
  2. Take HISMZA to the PNWA Conference - buy tickets in March.
  3. Send out Query Letters for HISMZA.
  4. Send out 12 Short Story Sumbissions.
  5. Enter 3 writing contests.
  6. Get a kitten!
  7. Organize Home...Bedroom, closets, bookshelves, desk, kitchen...
  8. The Spare Room.
  9. Put together under-the-sink caddy.
  10. Get new regional DVD player.
  11. Get regular with the workouts.
  12. Find a damn dance class that I want to take (Could someone in Seattle please start a Broadway class or an Angie Dickinson 60's Style Jazz class?!?)
  13. Continue Language Skills... Brushing up on French & Japanese
  14. Start Italian lessons.
  15. Start using Juicer again.
  16. Work on Non-Fic Massage Manual Book.
  17. Submit two articles on Massage/IFR.
Okay, then. I may make adjustments to this list, but this is the list for now. 17 items - I like the number 17, always have. And... it's the number of my favorite tarot card, "The Stars". Destiny, Fate, Kismet... here I come.

Addition: I forgot to update my reading goal!
   18.  Read at least 30 books.

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