Friday, July 19, 2013

Upcoming PNWA Conference

The Pacific Northwest Writers Association Conference is in one week, and despite having months to prepare, I am living up to my reputation as Master Procrastinator, once again. 

Things I have ready:
  • Business cards ordered
  • New outfit to wear

Things I have to have ready this week:
  • Completed 3rd Draft of Novel
  • Memorized "Elevator Pitch"
  • Printed One-Sheets (Bio, Resume, Novel Synopsis, Stats)
No sweat. 


Well, I'm planning on continuing draft revisions tomorrow (Friday 7/19) & Saturday. Also Sunday and Monday nights after work, if need be. Depending on that, I will work on the pitch and summary. I actually wrote all that up last year, so I just need to find it, tweak it, and memorize it. 

Wish me luck!


  1. Never did the One-Sheets - never needed them, either. Also bought USB thumb drives that I never took out of package, so I can return those.

  2. Oh, and my elevator pitch went through seven drafts in three days! Went great, though! See later post.