Friday, May 16, 2014

The Bird (My Novel) Has Left The Nest (My Laptop)

Da-di-di-da! FIfth Draft of How I Spent My Zobie Apocalypse was finished two weeks ago. This week, I followed up with queries all--most-- of the agents and editors with which I spoke last summer at PNWA. The response has been encouraging! A few emails were met with automatic receipt replies - I hope to hear from them in the following weeks. Two agents immediately requested my full manuscript, so I am hopeful! And I am putting it out there, to the Great Spirit of Creative Endeavor, that...

  • I will know the right agent when I am faced with decision. 
  • That I will know the right questions to ask, and the answers, along with the agent, will help me put out the best book I can. 
  • That we will place the book with the right editor, in the right publishing house.
  • That those who will be interested in, entertained by, and inspired by my novel will all buy a copy!
Okay, now that that is done...

I'm fairly furiously writing away on many personal essay/memoir pieces, ranging in length from 3-10 pages, so far. I'm thinking I can get enough written and assembled by this year's PNWA Conference to title it and pitch it. 

My other project, I believe, is a lot further from completion. It still stands as about 3/4 of a very rough first draft. I do want to get back to it, but right now, I'm writing what is bubbling beneath the surface. 

I have several other projects in the IDEA stage, including a sequel to How I Spent My Zombie Apocalypse. 

I was happily surprised to find that, even after ten months, all the people I spoke with at PNWA remembered me. I'm realizing that there are a great number of writers that I met last year that I had hoped to stay in contact with, but if they're not on Facebook or Twitter, it's pretty much a lost cause. I hope I remember those names and faces in person! Looking forward to connecting and reconnecting at the Conference in July. Now to figure out what I'm going to pitch... 

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