Tuesday, July 8, 2014

When Is Busy Too Busy?

Hello, July! I trust everyone is having either a lovely start to their summer season, or their winter (for those on the other side of the world). Hopefully, you're not sweltering in insufferable heat, like that in which I grew up, in Maryland. I don't miss that hot, humid, brain-frying summertime at all, thank you very much. Here, in the Pacific Northwest, we are just dipping into temperatures of 80+F, 27ish C.
What does a working author do with her time? Well, I can only speak for myself, of course. And I must admit to a lot of hours sleeping... I am still catching up on years of sleep deprivation, and trying to build myself some sort of "schedule" - something I've never been very good at. 

But, my summer working goals are as follows:
  1. Await replies from agents I queried, regarding HISMZA novel. Respond as needed, with follow-up revisions, etc.
  2. Continue writing short personal essays and memoir pieces, to be compiled, themed, and titled.
  3. Find a working title for above-mentioned book that speaks to me and the work, and an audience.
  4. Pitch said work at the PNWA Writers Conference, in two weeks.
  5. Submit individual essays for magazine publication.
  6. Continue research for 1920's project.
  7. Begin research for TV project.
In addition to these goals, I have the following on my plate:
  1. Edit a children's book series, for which I've been hired, by another writer.
  2. Maintain my massage therapy private practice, at around twenty-six hours per week
  3. Research local businesses and write informative reviews and blogs for Jet City Emerald List, a start-up website that has just hired me.
  4. Maintain and facilitate the nearly weekly writers critique group meetup meetings we have at Seattle Writers Meetup.
  5. Keep my overworked husband from going insane or breaking down physically.
  6. Lose twenty pounds by September, mostly by walking 30-60 minutes five times a week.
I'll also be taking care of and enjoying my kitty cats, attempting to maintain and repair several relationships with friends and family, cleaning and organizing that damn cluttered spare room, and cranking up my level of commitment to a non-GMO, organic lifestyle. 

I think that covers the most important projects in my life this summer. But for now, I'm catching up on Doctor Who, on NetFlix. 

Happy Summer!

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