Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Labor Union Day Writing

So, my friend from NYC has been visiting me for a week. I took off from work to spend time with her, and we had a lot of fun. After dropping her off at the airport, I went out for breakfast and am now at my office (Starbucks) to get back in the groove of writing. It feels weird to have not done it for a week! Plus, I'll be visiting my parents in Florida in two weeks, so I will probably not get much done the second half of this month, either.

My plan is to get a new draft (number six) of the zombie novel done and submitted to a list of agents, and polish up some shorter personal essays to submit for publication. I also still have three manuscripts from other writers to edit, so I will be busy.

It turned out to be a beautiful day today, too, so I am sacrificing the last of the summer sun to get back on track!

While my friend Lindsay was here, we toured the city. On Saturday, we saw a live in-store show of a SC band called Shovels and Rope, that we both like, at Sonic Boom in Ballard. We both shopped the hell out of that place, too. I got that high that I haven't had in years, because I try not to overspend and tend to keep my record store visits to a minimum. But, man...finding some great tribute albums (To Buddy Holly and Jimi Hendrix), the Live at KEXP Volume 1 (One!), and a few other used and new items really gave me an adrenaline rush. After lunch (dinner?) at the People's Pub, we hit Fremont. A stop at the Troll, then onto Jive Time, where we endured a heavily perfumed Japanese jazz afiicionado on a serious mission and the sounds of hippie jam bands to score some sweet vinyl and CDs of our own. Another sweep of adrenaline ran through y body, and I rode the wave for hours. It's like being a gambler in a casino- and the record store owner agreed with me; he said he'd often thought to compare the life of a record collector with that of a gambler. And, I'm still regretting not picking up that Suzi Quattro 45...

Another bucket list item I get to start checking off is to read the 33 1/3 books. For ten years, I've been eyeing them, with a mind towards writing one or two eventually, myself. I bought #10 Sign O' The Times (Prince) by Michaelangelo Matos, #56 Master of Reality (Black Sabbath) by John Darnielle, and #85 Dummy (Portishead) by RJ Wheaton. I'm halfway through reading the Prince one. This guy and must share genes - obsessive about trivia and music, I love it. Looking forward to reading more.

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