Friday, February 13, 2015


In 2003, I joined with a handful of other therapists to open BodySong Healing & Arts - a sort of alternative healthcare community center, where I had my massage office, among other LMPs, bodyworkers, counselors, acupuncturists, and naturopaths. We have five offices, a large hall for events, and several gardens. It has been a wonderful place to come to work. I also host my writers group in the hall each week, which is great since it is private, quiet, and easy to get to.

The owners have sold the property, and it is to be torn down starting in April, to make way for houses. I am sad to see the property go. If you are in Seattle and would like some garden plants, let me know!

I am in the middle of closing a deal on a new office in Wallingford. But, I still need to find a Monday night home for my writers group... Right now, I am thinking of the Greenwood Chocolati (but there are the ever-present issues of parking, non-reservable space, noise, and lack of privacy) or the Wallingford Library, which would mean changing the hours from 6:30-9 to 6-8. Still looking for something more private and quiet...

In addition to moving my office and changing my writers group, I quit smoking cigarettes a month ago, which is also new for me. I quit from 1996-2000, but have been going strong for 15 years this last round. It's not hard, really -0 it's more about changing my mindset. Most temptations occur in my car after work. Or during long phone calls. Or after a productive creative session.

During this month of change, I've been writing poetry, of all things. Magical surrealism...turning my dreams into prose. I have also been studying fiction writing, currently reading Lisa Cron's Wired For Story.

I hear from many people that change is in the air right now, so it seems best to embrace it and move forward. Best of luck to anyone else going through changes!

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