Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Winter's Update

Hello! I haven't blogged in months - sorry. I also haven't been "productive" - been more of a "conductive" state/stage. I have been reading a ton - books for research on my 1920s novel, memoirs to pick apart, books on writing and story structure... you can find the list on my Goodreads.  I feel like I am working on foundations and fine-tuning my skills at story building. Hopefully, this will lead to better work in the coming year.


It's been a nice season for me, so far. Nothing crazy, no major drama. Just nice music, fun shopping, easy relations, and lots of cozy downtime between work and stuff. Hope you are all having equally excellent days!

Did I mention that I recently discovered that my grandfather and his brother were teenage bootleggers in Baltimore during Prohibition? Yeah, so that is totally steering my twenties novel to my hometown, which I am very excited about. Still very much in development and research stages, but I am enjoying the process immensely.

I just finished reading a great ghost story, btw. It's called Salvage, by Duncan Ralston. I was impressed by the writer's skill at building suspense and I had no idea what resolutions we would ever reach. I look forward to creating such a suspenseful ghost story (long form) myself.

I am taking two weeks off from my Monday night writer's group. We will convene again in January. I will be celebrating the holidays and perhaps rejuvenating myself in the meantime.

I hope you are all reading good books and writing what you love!

Merry Christmas! Happy Yule! Happy Hannukah! Happy Winter Solstice!

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