Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2017: Happy New Year! Resolutions Part 1

Let's face it: none of us in the arts is looking forward to what January 20th will inaugurate. This new "leadership" model is fraught with fears about getting tossed into a new war, undoing the the good works and strides made so far in civil liberties and equal rights, causing massive damage to the planet, our economy, and our lives. But let's put that aside for the moment.

I love making New Years Resolutions. I see them as Goals & Guidelines, aspirations, and a focus for my attention and intention for the year. It is a lengthy process for me.

  1. I think about what I am doing, what I want to be doing, what I am happy with, what I want or need more of, and where I want to focus my energies and efforts. 
  2. I begin collating words, thoughts, ideas, and images around what I want to manifest in the new year.
  3. I read over last year's list. How did I do? Did I accomplish what I wanted? Why or why not?
  4. I create this year's list. I write in a journal, and/or a blog. I do art on it. This year, I started a Pinterest board on it...with tips, images, and ideas of what I want to accomplish and focus on.
  5. I make goals and milestone markers for the items! ("Write more" is vague - "Daily 15 min writing," "set aside two hours a week twice a week to write," "take a writing course," or "submit five stories for publication" are much more specific and likely to get done.)
My Pinterest board is a new thing. I mean, I've been on that site for several years, but have gotten more active on it the past year. I like having a visual scrapbook of things. I try not to go overboard, but I do enjoy it. 

That said, The 2017 Resolutions board I've made has images and infographics for my goals: 
  1. Sleep better I've been waking up in a panic a lot this year, not long after falling asleep. I also
    have trouble feeling comfortable - too hot, too itchy, too deflated pillow... 2016 my husband and I made plans to buy a new bed and pillows, which we did. (I'm still on the sofa most nights...we aren't very sleep-compatible.) I've learned that I actually suffer from something with a name - "night terrors" - and it doesn't have to be me, screaming. It is a type of sleep paralysis that is often brought on by stress, sleep deprivation, asthma, and sleep apnea. Well, guess what? Yup, I have all that...although I never really feel stressed.

    Okay, so now what? I am using asthma meds as always, but am also adding aromatherapy - mint, clary sage, elemi, even Vick's VapoRub seems to help. I also use saline nasal spray. And sleep on an incline. I try to stay calm, breathe deeply, and meditate on a healthy system. Now, I am adding more exercise - it always helps. Walking 20-40, sometimes 90, minutes a day. Yoga - certain stretches are helpful for better sleep. Doing 20 min of those poses every night. Diet - cut out most dairy, wheat, alcohol, and aiming for five veggies and two fruits a day.

    So, this one resolution - for better sleep - has basically turned into five:
    walks, yoga, raise veggie intake, lower processed food intake, and increasing meditation time and regularity.
  2. Write Yes, it's still undefined. I am working on those goals. At the moment, I am thinking of this year's goals being:
     - get that interview with Cousin Tina and mine resources for story details about great-grandparents for the Historical NF book.
     - Write that HNF book, at least first draft.
     - Do the HISMZA revision
     - Finish Allan's story, London, and collate for editing
     - ?
  3. Massage Career - New network referrals
  4. Retirement Investment - Start!
  5. Support Journalistic Integrity - In addition to continuing to support as many charities as I can that fund women's health, equal pay, equal representation, civil rights, equality, animal rights, arts, and education, I am devoted to funding REAL NEWS, not "fake news" aka propaganda, or soft-hitting infotainment. I want real news. Hard-hitting, investigative journalists, working to tell us the truth about our government, politics, the economy, and the world we live in, without fear of blacklisting, imprisonment, or death. I want Real News on TV, in the papers, and online. I am supporting Free Press this year.

I usually have about 17 Resolutions, so I am a ways from completing this list. I haven't even looked at 2016's list, yet, either. I'm wondering if I got anything on it done at all? I was so filled with angst and grief for so much of the year...

I'd love to know what you all are planning to work on this year. 
What are your goals? What steps will you take to get there? How do you measure your progress?

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